'Big Thank You' wants kids' letters for military on Thanksgiving

Atlanta radio DJ Bert Weiss wants your child’s help in sending gratitude to deployed military members.

Credit: The Bert Show

The “Bert Show” is revving up for its 8th annual ‘Big Thank You’ campaign, which delivers handwritten letters from children to military men and women on Thanksgiving Day.

It’s a way to thank active duty service members for all they sacrifice during the holiday season.

“Thanks to people like you that I have a safe place to sleep at night.” – 2015 ‘Big Thank You’ letter

“The Big Thank You campaign is one of the most rewarding things we do on our show each year,” Weiss said.

No matter their deployment, they get a letter

Credit: The Bert Show

The ‘Big Thank You’ campaign launched in 2009 with a simple mission, Weiss said.

That mission? Making sure every deployed service member receives a handwritten thank you letter from back home.

“Dear soldier, words cannot express how thankful I am for your service to this country.” – 2015 ‘Big Thank You’ letter

National Guard member Matt Brejda recalled his first letter from a Vienam veteran, “The basic gist I got was just to hang in there, that everything would be okay,” he said.

“It’s really great to get that thank you, it really does mean a whole lot that we’re not being forgotten,” Brejda said. “It could really touch someone in a way that’s really needed over there and can help them get through a difficult time.”

The letters make a difference

Credit: The Bert Show

I asked my father, a retired Air Force veteran if letters like this would have made a difference.

“I loved getting letters, mementos from my kids while I was deployed,” Bill McClellan said. He said his favorite memories were hand drawn turkey hands from my siblings and me.

He said it was like a piece of home was with him and made enduring the deployment separation easier.

And that’s what “The Bert Show” is hoping to achieve.

“Your letter may have more of an impact than you realize,” Weiss said.

1 million letters and counting….

Credit: The Bert Show

“The Bert Show” has received over 1 million letters to date, including letters from Spain and Puerto Rico.

Some letters were sent in other languages. Some have even been in Braille, “The Bert Show” told AlltheMoms.com.

If you and your children want to send in their handwritten letters to the ‘Big Thank You’ campaign, they must be sent in by Friday, Oct. 27, either at a drop-off or mailing location.

“I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! You are a real hero!!!” – 2016 ‘Big Thank You’ letter

The ‘Big Thank You’ campaign has been such a huge success in the past that former President Clinton and Former First Lady Michelle Obama, have called in to personally thank “The Bert Show.”

I will be bringing this to my community leaders to get on board. Will you?

Watch: Bert Weiss talks about ‘The Big Thank You’ campaign to military members

Watch: Every deployed troop gets one of these Thanksgiving letters.

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