These hysterical Twitter confessions will get you to Friday

I don’t know how these hysterical twitter hashtag trends get started, but Lordy, am I glad they do!

Today, the tags #ConfessToSomethigStupid and #IDeserveACupcakeFor are trending, and they’re painfully relatable.

This is just the funny pick-me-up we could all use on #HumpDay, amiright? 

So sit back and relax LAUGH

I mean let’s be honest though … sometimes you do it intentionally when you’ve run out of clean laundry.

Amen to that!

Wait, is that not what everyone does?

Now this person’s talking my language.

We’ve all had those days Jodi Dragonfly, we all had those days…

RIGHT?! I’d gladly go back to homework and dance classes.

Or when you trip anywhere, for that matter.

You know, Sandra? It’s not cool to prop yourself up by putting us all down. #mismatchedsocksrocks

BLESS this teacher.

Mama Toga, many kids can read. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GIVE AWAY THE SECRETS.

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