When loved ones pass, make up holidays to celebrate them

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When loved ones pass, make up holidays to celebrate them


When loved ones pass, make up holidays to celebrate them


My mom died three years ago this Thanksgiving.

I’ve known lots of people who lost a loved one around the holidays. It can put a gray cloud on every holiday after.

So I made a conscious effort to NOT think about my mom’s death as I prep the turkey and put up the decorations.

Dee Condie, Kathryn Hahn and Suzanne Condie Lambert. Credit: Condie family

Instead, I concentrate on her generous life and quirks and celebrate her birthday, Sept. 25.

I’ve taken to calling it Dee Day after my mom, whose name was DeEsta but went by Dee so she wouldn’t have to explain the sometimes bizarro naming conventions of her Wasatch Front heritage to strangers.

The birth of Dee Day

For the past several years, I’ve invited my Facebook friends to celebrate Dee Day with me. This year, I add All the Moms readers to the party.

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Celebrating is easy. Just do one/some/all of these things that my mom loved:

  • Read a book in bed.
  • Eat cheap drugstore chocolate-covered cherries or orange sticks from the kiosk at the mall.
  • Drink a Diet Coke. Or 10.
  • Buy something you don’t need.
  • Take someone you love out to lunch.
  • Watch QVC (even just 10 seconds counts).
  • Enjoy a naughty joke.

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  • Tell someone you love them.
  • Be generous to a service worker or charity.

If this inspires you, invite your friends to celebrate the birthday of someone important to YOU who’s passed away by doing the things THEY loved.

Try this at home

Celebrate Ralph Day or Mary Day or Bill Day. Eat corned beef. Share a Scotch whisky with a friend. Play a round of golf. Meet old friends for tea. Whatever your loved one loved.

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Let’s remember the people we loved doing what they would do if they were still here. Let’s share their spirits with mutual friends or people who didn’t know them but might wish they had.

Happy Dee Day, everyone. Enjoy your Diet Cokes.

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