ALERT: The middle 'hot cop' suspended with pay, for anti-Semitic posts

ALERT: The middle 'hot cop' suspended with pay, for anti-Semitic posts


ALERT: The middle 'hot cop' suspended with pay, for anti-Semitic posts

Yes, those hot cops.

Credit: Gainesville Police Department

And while we wanted to celebrate the announcement of their future calendar, proceeds of which were to go to Hurricane Irma relief, we now must bring you bad news.


Gainsville Police Department Facebook statement of Officer Hamill.

The Gainesville Sun has reported 28-year-old Officer Michael Hamill is under investigation for posting anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook, two of which were from 2011 and 2013.

Screen shots published on various media outlets show the officer’s statuses:

“so i find it funny that people will talk about how our government needs to do something about our economy and in reality its YOU who needs to stop taking advantage of our system and get a life and do something with your life. Gotta love reality when it hits you in the face. Stupid people annoy me. put them in an oven and deal with them the hitler way. haha” – Aug. 24, 2011

“who knew that reading jewish jokes before i go to bed would not only make me feel better about myself but also help me to sleep better as well. here is one for everybody ‘What’s the difference between boy scouts and Jews?’ anybody know? well it is because ‘Boy scouts come back from their camps.’ ” – April 23, 2013

The Sun reported Hamill was sworn in as an officer at the Gainesville Police Department in 2016.

The department’s spokesman, Ben Tobias, said in a statement to that the department would not comment on the complaint until it completes the investigation.

In a Facebook statement released at the end of the day, the department said Hamill had been suspended with pay.

Let’s rewind a bit for those out of the loop…

Prior to this newfound information, we had reported on the announcement that the Gainesville officers were going to create and sell a calendar and use the proceeds for Hurricane Irma relief in Florida after the above photo went viral on Facebook.

The Sept. 10 photo shows three officers heading out to assist residents in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the caption reading: “Officers Nordman, Hamill and Rengering…part of the night crew getting ready to do some work.” -Gainesville Police Department

The original post had been shared more than 276,000 times and got more than 182,000 comments, mostly emphasizing how attractive the cops were. Some even offered up single friends and family to the officers.

Note: linked to these comments in a previous version of this story for your viewing, but the post has been deleted by Gainesville police.

Tobias said the post was deleted after negative comments were made following the controversy and after a few female officers within the department complained about original comments about the three cops.

Prior to the controversy, the photo’s uproar caught the attention of police officers in Knoxville, Tenn., who then challenged women to donate to hurricane-relief efforts. AND they had a dog.

Gainesville police shared Knoxville’s post, saying essentially, “Bring it.”

Sarasota, Fla., police officers got in on the fun.

“Gainesville Police Department has nothing on us.” -Sarasota Police Department

The police played along but set the record straight

The police department updated its post announcing that the two officers on the left, Officers Nordman and Hamill, who is under investigation, are married.

“MRS. Nordman and MRS. Hamill have also enjoyed knowing how millions of women are going crazy over their husbands.” -Gainesville Police Department

Officer Rengering is the only single man in this bunch.

 “We can confirm that Officer Rengering (far right with the amazing hair) IS SINGLE.” -Gainesville Police Department

They kept up the joke: “On another note, Officer Rengering is being placed into Cougar Prey Protective Care, similar to the witness protection program for his safety.”

Despite the controversy, you can still help hurricane relief efforts

If you want to help Hurricane Irma relief efforts, the police departments suggest you do so at the Community Foundation of North Central Florida website.

Watch: Gainesville police photo that went viral, before controversy erupted

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