This hair brush straightener is perfect for on-the-go moms

If you wake up with shiny, perfectly straight hair or effortlessly sexy undone curls while birds chirp a sweet song, just leave.

This story’s for the women who wake up looking like a straight-up rag doll.

I’m talkin’ frizzy, knotted, lion’s mane MESS.

And now that I have that audience – HELLO TO MY PEOPLE.

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My biggest responsibility outside myself is my 8-pound chihuahua Oliver, and I still can’t find time to straighten my hair in the morning. So I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to get myself ready with a kid on my hip.

Sure, I’ve got a straightener. But to separate my hair layer by layer, smush it between two hot plates and pull?

One, it really frickin’ hurts when the tool decides to eat a strand and pluck it from your head.


Which is why I just about lost it yesterday when I saw a plug-in, heated brush that straightens your hair in about 5 minutes.

Where has this wonderful tool been all my life?

From the looks of the video, you literally just brush your hair to straighten it… MAGIC!

In all honesty, it probably takes closer to 10 minutes.

But that’s better than the 20 I spend with the straightener!

So for all the moms out there with Medusa-like locks, I think this tool might be your new saving grace.

If you buy one of these super cool brushes and love it (or hate it), let me know on Twitter!

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