6 incredibly cool podcasts for kids when they see a world gone crazy

Father and son listening to a podcast

6 incredibly cool podcasts for kids when they see a world gone crazy


6 incredibly cool podcasts for kids when they see a world gone crazy


Images of war, swirling hurricanes, and whatever kids may glimpse during their own screen-time may make viewing a scary prospect for kids.

But there’s still a relatively safe media place for children and it’s found in the world of podcasts.

Ideal for family road trips and car rides to school and events, today’s podcasts offer children and their parents a respite from the day’s grind with humor, mystery, relaxation, curiosity and magic.

But the world of the spoken word shouldn’t be relegated to the inside of a moving vehicle.

They also can be enjoyed on speaker while making dinner, doing Saturday chores or just before bed.

NPR’s new podcast

Credit: Courtesy NPR

In May, NPR debuted a weekly podcast, Wow in the World. The show makes recent scientific discoveries — about space, dinosaurs, technology and  human origins — fun for kids and their parents by exploring questions and answers with funny voices, kids’ voices and corny jokes.

Georgia, a 10-year-old reviewer, said:

“I LOVED this podcast. It taught you a lot without being too loquacious.”

From the desk of Monkeyfightingrobots.com:

Wow in the World strikes the right balance between serious and silly. The purpose of the program is to ignite a dialogue between a tablet driven generation and the parents struggling to relate.”

From tots to teens, here’s a mix of more podcasts to check out.

5 more podcasts for kids/families

1. Book Club for Kids

A biweekly podcast aimed at tweens and teens talking about young adult books and sharing book recommendations. Public radio figure Kitty Felde moderates the discussion and each episode features a passage of the book read by a celebrity and an interview with the book’s author.

2. Welcome to Night Vale

A fictional, biweekly podcast for teens narrated by Cecil Baldwin. Set in the eerie desert town of Night Vale, the dark humor of this popular series has launched books, live shows and merchandise.

3. Peace Out

A gentle story podcast for preschoolers that encourages relaxation that is just right before bedtime. This podcast combines breathing exercises and visualizations for an early introduction to mindfulness.

4. What if World

What if marshmallows could talk and the law was you couldn’t eat them? What if sharks had legs? Host Eric O’ Keefe uses silly voices and characters to answer these listener-submitted questions, which he turns into a story every two weeks.

5. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

The biweekly podcast tackles the questions that make parents’ eyeballs twitch: Why is the sky blue? How are babies made? Each episode tackles kid-submitted questions and experts help answers the questions. Even parents can learn something.

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