Waiting out Hurricane Irma is NOT worth your life, Florida Gov. says

Waiting out Hurricane Irma is NOT worth your life, Florida Gov. says


Waiting out Hurricane Irma is NOT worth your life, Florida Gov. says

Hurricane season always makes me a bit uneasy. I’m a Southern girl; the military planted our family in Arizona.

But my family still lives up and down the east coast and in the south. Namely, Florida.

My brother, who lives near Jacks Beach in Jacksonville, Fla., finally – albeit, reluctantly – decided it was time to evacuate as Hurricane Irma draws closer.

However, my stubborn grandparents still refuse to leave, even though the county next to them is under mandatory evacuations.

Get your credit cards ready for flights out

Hurricane Irma to the Princess Juliana International Airport. Credit: Getty Images

My kid brother called last night and told our dad he decided it was time for him to leave Florida, before Irma hits.

He told us he decided it was not safe for him to ‘wait it out’ with our grandparents. So we checked into airline tickets.

This big sister is extremely relieved that he made that decision.

If you are also re-thinking your decision to wait out Hurricane Irma, well, it’s going to be very expensive to fly out now.

If a plane already isn’t filled, be prepared to take a second mortgage on remaining flights. $1,500 for one ticket to get my brother on a plane.

Florida resident, 91, leaves for the first time

Traffic is seen heading North along the Florida Turnpike near Homestead, Fla., as tourists in the Florida Keys leave town on Sept. 6, 2017. Credit: Al Diaz, Miami Herald via AP

When a Florida resident who has ridden out Hurricanes Andrew and Wilma decides to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma, you know it’s bad.

Hurricane Harvey is being billed as the “costliest” hurricane in U.S. history.

Elizabeth Prieto told CBS News she will leave Florida for the first time in 51 years because of a hurricane.

If this 91-year-old woman who has seen a lot of hurricane seasons, decides to leave, why isn’t everyone else leaving?

My dad’s mother and stepfather have decided to “wait it out” on our family property.

‘Get out now,’ says Florida governor

Credit: Getty Images. Rain from Hurricane Irma floods a street in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Hurricane Harvey hit harder than expected in Texas last week. This week, Hurricane Irma already devastated parts of  Puerto Rico.

It’s smashing into the Florida Keys and Carribean islands now.

The category 5 hurricane demolished the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Martin yesterday.

Yet, some Floridians still think they can “wait the storm” out despite the urging from Florida’s governor pleading to get out now and not wait for mandatory evacuations.

3 powerful monsters in the Atlantic

Credit: USA Today

What’s more concerning is not just Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Jose is following on the heels of Irma. Also in the Atlantic, near the Gulf, Hurricane Katia was upgraded from a tropical storm Thursday morning.

Only three category 5 hurricanes have ever hit the United States. Irma will be the fourth with winds nearly at 200 mph.

Hurricane Irma is so strong, it registered on devices designed to pick up on seismic shocks deep underground from earthquakes.

I cannot fathom why my grandparents want to stay.

Why are they staying?

Credit: Andrea Cornejo, The Gainesville Sun via AP

Simply? They are staying for the farm animals, the horses.

They said this morning they were packing up the RV to head out if needed. Then they asked if we could check into airline tickets. Which we did. $5,000 later.

Now, they are back to “waiting out the storm” because they want to make sure the horses stay alive.

Mind you, they have a horse trailer and can easily load them up and head to family in nearby states.

Given everything this record breaking hurricane has already achieved, I still cannot wrap my head around why they are staying.

Bottom Line: I’m going to echo Florida Gov. Rick Scott said yesterday.

“Do not sit and wait for this storm to come. Remember, we can rebuild your home — not your life.” — Rick Scott

Is it really worth your life to “wait it out?”

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