Does anyone make kids' shoes that don't fall apart?

Does anyone make kids' shoes that don't fall apart?


Does anyone make kids' shoes that don't fall apart?


These are my daughter’s shoes.

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I just went back and checked. I purchased them on July 25 and she began wearing them on the first day of school, Aug. 7.

That was four weeks ago. FOUR WEEKS.

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So yeah… I’M SALTY OVER THIS. But can you blame me?

The shoes cost $32.99, which means I got $1.18 per wear out of them before they began disintegrating on me.


I’ve never been good at math, but I don’t think that’s a good deal.

Now I don’t mind that the little bling-y things fell off the front. My kids, like most children their age, are pretty rough on their shoes as they run around the playground and the like.

But what in the hell is up with the Velcro straps?!?!?

They started separating after only two weeks of wear, and now they look like some kind of carnivorous animal mistook them for a midday meal.

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Here’s another view:

As any modern-day parent would, I reached out to Skechers (the maker of this particular brand of shoe) on Twitter. They were immediately responsive, and encouraged me to send an email.

So I did. And have since heard nothing.

But this isn’t really just about Skechers

Because honestly, I have yet to find a shoe company that makes a piece of footwear that my children don’t destroy in the course of months, if not weeks.

I’ve tried cheap brands. I’ve tried expensive name brands. Target, Kohl’s, Payless, Stride-Rite, Nike, New Balance.

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Doesn’t matter: They arrive shiny and new and end up looking like crap in short order. Laces falling off, soles separating, holes by the toes, Velcro stitching that disintegrates.

And frankly, I am damn sick and tired of paying $30 to $55 for shoes that don’t last for sh*t.

I have had cartons of milk with a longer shelf life.

And my trusted friend Google would tell me I am not alone.

A quick search for “kids shoes falling apart” yields 6.48 million results, mostly on parenting blogs and message boards. This is clearly a common problem.

And what’s most galling is hearing parents say that they weren’t allowed to return the shoes because their kids were “too hard” on them.

WTF does that even mean? They aren’t launching them from homemade bottle rockets or letting the dog use them as chew toys.

No, we do not have a dog.

They’re typical 6- and 4-year-old kids.

They run.

They jump.

They climb.

They ride bikes.

They sometimes fall down.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a shoe company to stitch together some leather or canvas in a way that allows them to … you know… play.

And since letting my children go to school barefoot isn’t an option, I am asking you, moms and dads: Have any of you found a brand of shoes that lasts?

I need to go shopping.

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