Can't find time for the gym? Find the right (wine) motivation

Can't find time for the gym? Find the right (wine) motivation


Can't find time for the gym? Find the right (wine) motivation

Holly Moore, manager of network engagement at USA TODAY and mom to 2.

Moms, how many times have we said we are going to start working out?

Tomorrow, maybe?

Who has time? I don’t, and it’s still really summer here in Arizona, and I hate sweating. Plus, gyms tend to feel daunting with all the fit people and complicated equipment.

One USA TODAY mom devised the perfect motivation, we can all appreciate. It just might get me into a gym!

Mom life, the struggle is real.

Holly Moore, USA TODAY’s manager of network engagement, hates how running leaves her gasping for breath and the way her sweat instantly turns her hair frizzy. She feels everyone at the gym might be judging her, too.

Right there with you, Moore!

Of course, she admits she could come up with a million reasons to skip the gym, including deadlines, swim lessons and doctor’s appointments.

Which is why she came up with three legit reasons to go to the gym.

More time in the gym equals more wine.

If these aren’t a surefire way to get you into the gym, then I don’t know what could be.

Here are Moore’s “excuses:”

  1. Quiet time. Gym time is the only time Moore is alone, away from kids, coworkers and chaos. It’s her time to focus on herself.
  2. Music. She can blast her Britney Spears soundtrack instead of “Moana.”
  3. Wine. “The longer I spend on that elliptical, the larger my pour gets to be,” Moore said.

Bonus: She can wear her comfy yoga pants at the gym. “Who knew they could be used for more than Netflix-watching attire?”

Cheers, moms!

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