Listen to this kid's hilarious book reviews. You'll be hooked like us

Why do adults get to review all the books?

Kids, like six-year-old Desmond, have some thoughts and takeaways, too. And they’re hilarious – and honest.

“Never give dragons hot salsa and never eat tomatoes,” is Desmond’s advice after reading the book, Dragons Love Tacos.

He gives the book gobs of stars. Oh, and he suggests you might eat tomatoes in a frittata, because you can’t really taste them in all the eggy goodness. And he recommends pairing watermelon and agua fresca with tacos.

Wait, what? Who IS this kid?

USA TODAY’s Summer Reading  podcasts  each feature grade-schoolers critiquing their favorite kids’ books. Click here for more details on the Tuesday series, including the upcoming episode featuring twins.

We’re fairly certain you’ll up the enjoyability factor of any workout, car ride, or checkbook-balancing session if you’ve got these reviewed-by-kids audios playing in your ears.

And parents, if your kid has a lot to say about a favorite book, record a one-minute review with them and send it in. All the ‘how to’ for submitting is near the end of the SoundCloud file.

Listen: 6-year-old Desmond reviews 3 books

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