This family is basically living at Walt Disney World for a month

You may have heard of the Gee family.

Originally from Utah, they sold off all their belongings in 2015 and have since been traveling the world with their two young children. Thus far they’ve visited 45 countries and more than 150 flights.

They chronicle their travel adventures in very chipper, attractive photos on their social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook.

Now the so-called “Bucket List Family” is on Day 3 of their newest adventure – they won a contest and were selected to spend 30 days and 30 nights at the Walt Disney World Resort.

They’ll stay at a different hotel every evening.

So yeah, they’re basically living at Disney World for a month.

Today, the Gees – Jessica, Garrett, Dorothy and Manilla – are on Day 3 of their Mouse-themed adventure, and staying at Disney’s Art of Animation resort.

“We don’t know where we’ll be the next day, but we can’t wait for you to join us on this journey,” Jessica Gee says in a promotional video for Walt Disney World.

As part of their partnership with Disney, they will also be doing giveaways and offering other special prizes, according to their Instagram account.

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