Prosecco bar trucks may be coming to the U.S., and we can't wait

Prosecco bar trucks may be coming to the U.S., and we can't wait

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Prosecco bar trucks may be coming to the U.S., and we can't wait

How is this not yet a thing where I live?

For those who like their bubbly (like say, me), this would seem to be a no-brainer.

A rolling, glorified bar cart that can pull up to any street festival or private party and dispense perfectly chilled, ready-to-drink glasses of amazing bubbly from a tap.

The Brits apparently figured out this was a goldmine of an idea about two years ago. That’s when Joe Bruce and Ben Broad (aka the Bubble Bros. Ltd.) launched their-now booming business in the U.K.

The two said they noticed a “real gap” in the market. They now have multiple Prosecco vans and a smaller Prosecco bike, suitable for smaller events.

“The vans and the bike act as a focal point for any event,” the two said in an email. “They become part of the entertainment, rather than just a place to grab a glass of bubbly.”

Is it popular? Um…what do you think?

The not-so-secret 'Prosecco Van in the woods' has taken a thrashing today. Bring on tonight! @latitudefest

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It works like this:

Interested customers can hire the pair’s Prosecco van, which Thrillist has perfectly and aptly described as an “ice cream truck for adults,” for three hours.

The charge includes a barrel of “bubbly,” staff, and the set up of the van.

Mixers (mimosas or bellinis anyone?) and additional Prosecco can be added on to the base price of £750.

(That’s about $966 under current exchange rates.)

So will we see a Prosecco bar on wheels rolling up to an event here in the States?

The Bubble Bros. say yes.

“We have received so much love from people in the US we are currently in the process of expanding and will hopefully have little vans over the pond very soon.

Sign me up.

And check out this Thrillist video on their business below.

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