4-year-old CrossFit princess slays with her box jumps and pull-ups

Prepare to be awed…and maybe a little humbled.

We’re loving the grit, determination and prowess of 4-year-old Prisais Brooklyn Marie of Moorpark California.

This pint-sized gymnast has her own Instagram feed (managed by her parents) in which she shows off her mad agility and core strength skills.

Not only is she crazy talented, she’s adorable and sassy to boot. She dresses herself (always color coordinated), rocks pink and “Girl Boss” shirts.

Oh, and she can do dead lifts, box jumps, squats and pull-ups unassisted. Better than me. And probably you too.

“Princess P” (as her dad calls her) is pretty much a bada** and she puts us to shame.

She demonstrates her perfect 20″ box jump.

Strict pull-ups. Three sets.

Doing 5 dead lifts and then 5 18″ box jumps.

Three strict handstand push-ups? No problem.

This child thinks squats are more fun than box jumps.

Watch her excitement.

Princess P has a great personal trainer. Her dad, James Townsend, briefly played for the Chicago Bears and is co-owner of Autumo CrossFit in Ventura County, California. Follow him on Instagram at youngtonym.

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