You won't believe this Barbie-themed Instagram account

"Tiff the Barbie" Instagram account depicts one family's life adventures using only Barbie.

You won't believe this Barbie-themed Instagram account

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You won't believe this Barbie-themed Instagram account

“Tiff the Barbie” Instagram account depicts one family’s life adventures using only Barbie.

Moms everywhere share a universal desire to share adventures and pictures of their kids, especially on social media.

But one woman is doing it with a unique twist: using Barbie.

“Tiff the Barbie” has nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Her more than 700 posts depict’s her family’s adventures via elaborate scenes featuring Barbie and friends.

The posts begin with “Tiff the Barbie” introducing herself, then meeting Ken, her Instagram husband. The account then chronicles just about two years of “Tiff the Barbie’s” life including getting married and having two children, Kelly and Wyatt.

The post master behind the scenes

“Tiff the Barbie” goes into labor in the middle of the night on Instagram.

Over two years, “Tiff the Barbie” has done everything from shoe shop with her friends to to give birth and potty train children.

A scroll through the Instagram account reveals trendy Millennial style engagement shoots, wedding, pregnancy and birth announcements, plus plenty of elaborate scenes featuring everyday parenting hiccups.

But the real kicker?

The curator of the Instagram account, “Tiff the Barbie” is not married, nor is she a parent.

“I would love to have a future family one day like the one the Instagram account depicts,” said “Tiff the Barbie’s” creator, who wants to remain anonymous.

So how does she come up with this stuff?

“Tiff the Barbie,” Millennial mom on Instagram introduces second baby.

“From other families or experiences I’ve had before,” she tells

She said she sometimes does this by people watching.

“I’m honestly getting a little nervous,” she said, adding that she feels like “I feel like I need to post amazing pictures” so she doesn’t disappoint her followers.

She also said she just worked on the account “little by little” but she didn’t plan on having Tiff marry or have kids when she initially started out.

She also said it’s hard for her to choose any favorite moments or themes, but if she had to, it would be the pregnancy ones, “because they are fun to take and fun to post.”

It takes about 30 minutes to an hour for her to set up the scenes for “Tiff the Barbie” and family.

It’s a “thing” others have taken to now

“Tiff the Barbie” on Instagram takes her Barbie children to Chic-Fil-A.

“Tiff the Barbie” is not the only account like this on Instagram; there are 47 other similar accounts.

Some of the most entertaining ones include: carolina_barbiedoll, chelsea_thebarbie and willow_thebarbie.

And if you are like me and still hung up on pregnant Barbie?

Well you will have to dig around online to find her. Shortly after her release in 2002, Pregnant “Midge,” Barbie’s best friend according to Mattel, was removed from toy store shelves due to harsh criticism from parents.

For more of  “Tiff the Barbie” visit her Instagram page.

“Tiff the Barbie” attempts to potty train her daughter on Instagram.

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