Mom panhandles to pay for daughter's college tuition

Mom panhandles to pay for daughter's college tuition


Mom panhandles to pay for daughter's college tuition


You can withdraw from your Roth IRA. You can dip into your savings. You can smash your piggy bank.

Or you can stand on a street corner, which is what one Michigan mom did to pay for her daughter’s tuition.

Credit: Noe Hernandez/ USA TODAY NETWORK

Full-time job

Lori Truex turned standing on street corners into a full-time job to raise thousands of dollars her youngest daughter needs to attend Michigan State University, she told the Battle Creek Enquirer,

Since June, the longtime bus driver has raised nearly half of her family’s share of the $11,805 fall semester bill through street corner panhandling ($2,955) and a Go Fund Me account ($2,570), she told TV station ABC 13 News Now. The balance will be covered by grants, scholarships and loans.

And before some of you go all righteous and say, “yeah, well some of us work so our kids can attend college,” Truex has worked. She’s on Day 45 of her eight-hour-a-day, 79-day tuition drive.

“I truly feel so blessed. Everyone has been so kind, so generous. The fact that we were able to cover the first semester tuition is just amazing.”

Which means they’re not off the hook yet, as spring semester costs are estimated at $7,200.

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