Newborn calf looks strikingly similar to KISS front man Gene Simmons

Newborn calf steals the spotlight

A newborn calf in Kerrville, Tx., stepped into Gene Simmons, spotlight and is udderly sending Twitter into a buzz.

Even the KISS frontman himself is excited.

The calf, who was born Friday, July 28, bears a striking resemblance to Simmons KISS performance face paint. His name?

Genie. Of course.

Heather Leonard Taccetta, who works at a local Cowboy Steak House and sometimes helps her grandmother with the farm animals at their family ranch first noticed the resemblance.

The family has since said they have no interest in slaughtering or selling the calf.

Whose genes are those anyways?

Taccetta and her family reached out to Simmons on social media in hopes of getting his attention.

In a Facebook post, she asked: “Gene Simmons, Where were you on … about November 26 2016?”

It worked.

Rock legend responds

In a tweet on Sunday the 80’s rock legend, famous for his trademark tongue flip and “devil horns” hand gesture responded.

“This is real, folks!!! Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons.” -Gene Simmons, KISS frontman

Lick it up, lick it up, ooh yeah

Fans quickly got into the fun after Simmons tweeted out his excitement over his bovine doppelganger.

One woman replied to Simmons tweet and said, “I was made for loving moo…”

Another replied, “what a mooving story.”

Many fans humorously reminded Simmons of his younger, “rock and roll” days.

One fan even told Simmons that he needed to get busy “mass producing” more Simmons look-alike calves.

Leaving one question to ask Simmons, does this mean you have a moo friend to “Rock and roll all night and party every day” with?

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