Our 7 favorite Lego creations from Brick Fest Live! sorted by color

Our 7 favorite Lego creations from Brick Fest Live! sorted by color

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Our 7 favorite Lego creations from Brick Fest Live! sorted by color


A giant pile of Lego bricks is coming to a convention space near you.

Brick Fest Live! is a fan-created experience all about the colorful Lego bricks. The event is on a tour of the U.S. with stops in 10 cities from coast to coast now through November. Visitors can build and race their own derby cars, take selfies with life-size Lego figures, and build as much as they can imagine.

Founder Chad Collins said the experience can unite generations of Lego fans.

“You are experiencing Lego as a family unit. You are sitting alongside your child building with them, and your child is listening to you as their parent or guardian, and there’s nothing they want more in their life than for you to play with them,” he said.

Collins said one of the biggest benefits of building an event like this is access to thousands of Legos and thousands of other builders, encouraging the kind of creativity and collaboration you can’t get at home.

“What we’re providing at Brick Fest Live! is a unique hands-on experience where you are only seeing these elements at the event, and you are only able to experience it together with others that are just as enthusiastic as you are,” he said.

Brick Fest Live! has been posting photos from the events so far on its Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here are some of our favorites, sorted by color.


These towering red figures at 2015’s Brick Fest Live! in Pasadena are taller than many of the kids.


Many of the events feature appearances from kid celebrities — including this Lego figure of Zoe from “Sesame Street.”


The yellow track acts as a great backdrop for these Lego derby racers.


This photo from the Kansas City event gives a look at what can be built with glow-in-the-dark Legos under black light.


Three words: Pool. Of. Legos.


These Lego-bedazzled hats bridge the world of bricks with other popular kid icons.


This tower is tall. Very tall.

Brick Fest Live! upcoming tour dates

  • July 22-23: Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • July 29-30: Austin.
  • Aug. 12-13: Denver.
  • Aug. 19-20: Portland.
  • Aug. 26-27: Pasadena.
  • Sept. 9-10: Las Vegas.
  • Sept. 23-24: Sacramento
  • Oct. 7-8: Richmond, Va.
  • Oct. 21-22: Houston.
  • Nov. 4-5: Baltimore.

More info about the event is online.

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