Meet 'America's Got Talent' teen Evie Clair

If you’re a fan of the talent show ‘America’s Got Talent,’ you already know there’s a teen vying for all of our hearts: Evie Claire from Florence, Arizona.

You probably laughed like we did when she talked about prisons being the only memorable thing in her hometown.

And you no doubt got a lump in your throat and shed tears like we did when she revealed that her dad’s battling Stage 4 cancer.

Some fast facts

Hooked on this amazing teenager like we are? Here’s what you might not know:

  • She used to live in Mesa, Arizona, before moving to Florence.
  • Her mother studied music in college and was a high school band teacher. She taught Evie and all her siblings how to sing and play the piano.
  • Her singing talent is hereditary: her great grandmother was on the radio in the 1920s.
  • She sang at an Arizona Diamondbacks game and sang for a movie premiere and has a song on the soundtrack.

Want to know more?

So, how is her dad doing now? Why did she choose the tearjerking song, “Arms” by Christina Perri? The rest of Evie Clair’s Q&A with azcentral’s Grace Palmieri is here.

And the rest of Evie Clair’s story has yet to unfold on ‘America’s Got Talent’.

America’s watching and we’re all cheering her on. You’ve captured our hearts.

Watch: Evie Clair’s debut on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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