4 nuggets of wisdom about social media for kids (and Trump)

4 nuggets of wisdom about social media for kids (and Trump)

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4 nuggets of wisdom about social media for kids (and Trump)


President Donald Trump is under fire for his latest tweet storm. Again. Photo: (Evan Vucci/AP)

So your kids ask — maybe beg — for their own social-media accounts.

Parents, USA TODAY NETWORK movie critic Bill Goodykoontz has some thoughts.

His concerns may echo yours in his column on azcentral.com:

“My concern was that they would use Twitter and Facebook and Snapchat and whatever else irresponsibly. Maybe they would spread lies. Maybe they would show a complete lack of tact and respect for others. Maybe they would say things that made them look bad, even incriminate themselves. Maybe they would needlessly say purposely hurtful things about people.”

His four pointers are solid advice for parents. Goodykoontz makes the case that perhaps President Trump could benefit as well, joking about taking his phone away for a week after referencing early-morning tweets this week made from @realDonaldTrump about “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

Watch the video about the tweets:

4 social-media pointers

  1. Be respectful. It’s difficult when others are not.

  2. Think before you tweet. Slow down. Count to 10. Watch a video of a cat playing the piano. Then tweet.
  3. Never make an attack personal. Take your time and find a clever way to disagree without attacking.
  4. Say nothing. Words live forever. Try breaking pencils or biting a pillow. Write your thoughts down and then crumple up that piece of paper and throw it away, or (with adult supervision) burn it up.


Thumper, you had it right.


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