We wish #HugsFromHollyDay could be every day

Todd Heap

We wish #HugsFromHollyDay could be every day


We wish #HugsFromHollyDay could be every day


On the day Holly Heap would have turned 4, the public rallied to turn tragedy into a joyful remembrance.

Former NFL player Todd Heap accidentally struck and killed his daughter, Holly, with his truck in the driveway of their Mesa home last month.

Heap and his wife, Ashley, sought to turn the tragedy into a way to spread joy. They asked the public to join them in the #HugsFromHollyDay campaign.

The public delivered.

Type in #HugsFromHollyDay in Twitter or Facebook to see more acts of kindness like these.

Visit http://hugsfromholly.com/#learnmore for the Heap family’s website.


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