How to prank your kids on April Fool's Day

How to prank your kids on April Fool's Day

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How to prank your kids on April Fool's Day

April Fool’s Day is tomorrow, and there are many ways you can take advantage of the silly holiday to play ( nice) pranks on your kids.

Here are five from Jamie Buss writing for the Democrat-Chronicle.

Add colored bath tablets to the bathroom faucet

All you need for this one is some colored bath tablets, which you can find in the personal care section of the grocery store. After the kids go to bed, simply unscrew the sink faucet filter. Add a colored tablet and reattach. When the kids turn the water on in the morning to brush their teeth, the water will turn a different color.

Freeze their morning breakfast

Prepare a bowl of cereal the night before (complete with spoon) and stick it in the freezer. In the morning, add a little fresh cereal on top to make it look more realistic. Serve it up for breakfast. Watch and enjoy as they try to lift the spoon from the bowl. The same can be done with their morning juice or milk glass. This is more fun when you include a straw.

Superglue change to the sidewalk

An oldie, but a goodie. Take a quarter, or better yet, a silver dollar and superglue it to the sidewalk or driveway. You’re likely to fool several people before the glue wears out — perhaps even yourself, if your memory is anything like mine.

Switch around their dresser drawers

This is another favorite here that never gets old. While they’re out of their rooms, go in and switch the contents of each drawer. Put the shirts in the pajama drawer. Move the pants to the underwear drawer, etc. Along the same lines, you can switch all the hangers in their closet, so the hooks face the wrong direction. They’ll have a hard time grabbing that first article of clothing from the rack. You can also switch out all the shoes in their room with a sibling’s, or better yet … your own.

Decorate their faces

Once they’ve fallen asleep, take a marker and decorate their faces. Add some freckles, whiskers, or leave them a message to read in the mirror when they wake up. Take a picture for safekeeping. Just be sure the markers are washable before you begin your masterpiece. No Sharpies allowed!

Any pranks pulled, whether these or others, should be harmless in nature and done for the sole purpose of making the intended recipients laugh. As in my house, retaliation should always be expected. If you’re able to dish it out, you should be able to take what may come afterward.


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