Heading to Legoland? Awesome know-before-you-go tips

Heading to Legoland? Awesome know-before-you-go tips

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Heading to Legoland? Awesome know-before-you-go tips

Lego has opened Legoland Discovery Centers in the country’s biggest cities, and the franchise has never been more popular thanks, in part, to its successful movie franchise.

These compact theme parks are aimed at ages 3-10, who are often too young and too small to ride bigger theme-park rides. But parents, even with a passing interest in Legos, won’t be bored.

An Arizona parent staked out the Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe, Arizona.

We learned:

1. Decide in advance when and what you’re eat

Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe features a cafe — that is reasonably priced compared with theme parks — that sells sandwiches and snacks. But the variety is limited, and there’s a full food court just outside the attraction in the mall. Your wallet will thank you, whatever Legoland you go to, if you pick what and where you’ll eat before you go.

2. You exit through a gift shop

That’s nothing new if you’ve been to a theme park, but it helps to know in advance that kids will be a bundle of want when they walk through. The toys and trinkets aren’t cheap, with some costing $200. But it is possible to escape by spending only $15. Know your budget before you go.

3. Take some time to build things

Credit: Mark Henle/The Republic

Many of the attractions aren’t passive. So be prepared to get down at kid level and build something.

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